WilsonKelseyPartTwo-opt-1015Choosing art work should be at least as much fun as living with it.  Let us expertly manage the process while introducing you to an exciting range of possibilities, so you can concentrate on figuring out what you love.

During an initial consultation in your home or office, an understanding begins to take shape of the role you would like the art work to play in your space. Wishes, goals and concerns are shared, from questions of budget to the best use of art you already own. As a plan starts to emerge, special attention is paid to how your particular interior design and architecture present opportunities to create powerful synergy between art and the space it will inhabit.

Art work presentations customarily take place in your home or office. Apart from the convenience, seeing art work in the context of it’s intended new home is the best way to know if it really works for you and your space. If your space is a work in progress, presentations take place at our Newton offices.

We welcome the opportunity to work as a team with you and your interior designer, and feel strongly that the best interiors are definitely a team effort.

Decisions about art purchases should be savored, never rushed. Depending on a client’s preferences, large collections can evolve over the course of months, sometimes years.

After you find art work you love, we suggest framing that enhances the art’s particular characteristics while perfectly integrating it into your interior.  Art installation services include transportation and installation by expert subcontractors.


The following services are offered to both enrich and simplify your art acquisition experience:

  • Acquisition of fine art, crafts and accessories
  • Presentations in your home or office, or our Newton offices
  • Custom framing, art restoration and conservation
  • Custom commissioned art work
  • Advice on art work placement
  • Transportation and installationn
  • Collection documentation and curatorial services
  • Consultations on art work lighting
  • Art appraisal services
  • Collaboration with interior design professionals and their clients